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C 64 SID

by CmdRobot for Chain

Category: Chip

Bitwig Version: 4.4

v1.2 - My humble emulation of the glorious C64 SID chip. Shape your sound with five labeled steps-modulators. Have fun with the arpeggiator settings and check preset pages for further customization. "NES Mode" removes cutoff, saw oscillator and limits pulsewidth to 3 stages.

Updated to v.1.2, now works with Bitwig 4. It's really versatile C64 "emulation".

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by TÂCHES for Poly Grid

Category: Utility

Bitwig Version: 3.2.7

Discord Avatar of TÂCHES

This is a 16 step sample reararranger used to create Microhouse drum patterns from any sample you load into it. Using the individual and group step selector knobs, you can choose what snippet of the sample to assign to each step or step group (downbeat kick, offbeat hat, clap and the 4 weak beats). You can turn steps on or off with the buttons and minimally affect the decay of the hits. Works BEST with the Groove settings on for that rolling Microhousey vibe.

Really proud of this unusual drum sampler for the Grid! Great for making Villalobos style drum patterns 🙂

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by TÂCHES for FX Grid

Category: Utility

Bitwig Version: 3.2.7

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A handy little device for creating tighter drum rhythms out of loops. Set INPUT to an appropriate level for the Envelope Follower to pick up the transients and then dial in ATTACK and DECAY to taste. The LOW CUT knob will remove unwanted low frequencies, helpful for making top loops out of any loop. The CLAP and HAT knobs let through notes with longer delay on every other downbeat and every off beat respectively to add some longer hits even if you have the whole loops sounding tight as hell. SPACE adds a small amount of reverb to glue it all together a little.

Here's a nifty little tool that will help you create those tight, clicky microhouse/ Rominimal drum patterns a la Ricardo Villalobos/Rhadoo/Petre Inspirescu/Raresh out of any drum loop you slap it on.

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Hard Clip

by POLARITY for Chain

Category: Destruction

Bitwig Version: 3.2.6

Discord Avatar of POLARITY

This should clip at 0db. Use input to drive content into the clipper. Use output to change the volume. The rest of the remote controls are fancy distortion toys ;)

Native Bitwig hard clip preset. Clips at 0db, has some input and output gain remotes and some whitles and bells for distortion.

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Hollow Wub

by gobs for Poly Grid

Category: Bass

Bitwig Version: 3.2.6

Like a Dred Bass Wub, but betterer

Sort of like the Dred Bass wub, but with a lot more reverb

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Oldskool Flange Reese

by gobs for Polysynth

Category: Bass

Bitwig Version: 3.2.6

Sounds a bit like the classic phaser / flanger reese you hear in old drum & bass tracks. Resampling might give better results.

Oldskool drum & bass flanger reese based off of Seamlessr's tutorial

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Step Sequencer 303

by Taikakim for Chain

Category: Utility

Bitwig Version: 3.2.4

Discord Avatar of Taikakim

16 step sequencer + acid bass. You need to load the chain on an instrument track and feed it a note for the effect to work. By default quantises the notes to a Phrygian scale.

303-style acidic step sequencer patch with accent, note length and glide + various other fun controls.

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DX 7 E Piano 1 V 2

by jaxter184 for Phase-4

Category: Piano

Bitwig Version: 2.4.3

Discord Avatar of jaxter184

Emulation of Yamaha's DX7 EPiano1 factory preset.

speaking of rhodes, i made an epiano preset a while back that i dont think ive added to the preset repo

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Sample Slicer

by x.iso for Poly Grid

Category: Drums

Bitwig Version: 3.2.2

Discord Avatar of x.iso

See notes inside the patch for instructions on how to use. This is a tool for semi-automated sample slicing to notes. Drop sample into Sampler in Grid's FX chain, then use Remote contorls to scan for slices. Scan button in ON state - detected slices applied, OFF state - erase slice data. with every new sample you need to erase and rescan.

Bitwig's homebrew 'Simpler'. Scan and slice samples using this device with automapping to notes. See notes inside for more details.

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Vinyl Noise

by Koldunya for FX Grid

Category: Utility

Bitwig Version: 3.2.3

Discord Avatar of Koldunya

Vinyl Noise to drop onto any track with controls go mix incoming audio signal with noise. Amount blends the "record noise" with the pops and crackles. Audio adjusts the level of the incoming audio signal, and Noise adjusts the level of the noise.

It sounds pretty good, imo. Has a few controls two blend the two noises, and the volume of the incoming audio and the noise as a whole (although there is simply a Mix knob on the FX Grid anyway 👀)

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by em for Polysynth

Category: Synth

Bitwig Version: 3.2.1

Discord Avatar of em

Very digital but also emotional. There's a lot of variety in the perform section, too. Have fun!

I love these sorts of sounds. thought I'd share a preset for once

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by Baphy (Baphometrix) for FX Grid

Category: FX

Bitwig Version: 3.1.2

Discord Avatar of Baphy (Baphometrix)
dummy patch

Recreation of Ableton's Erosion Effect. (Original design by Cryptid, with very small additions by Baphometrix.) Short Delay modulated by filtered noise or sine wave. Wreck Knob adds distortion and wavefolding.

For the Ableton peeps who miss Erosion. This is the same exact process/build as Erosion at its core. Of course since the filters we have access to are not exactly the same as all the possible filter algos used in Ableton, there will be *some* sound differences, but it's close enough for rock & roll. This build also gives you some timbre/textural options not possible in the OG.

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by POLARITY for Phase-4

Category: Lead

Bitwig Version: 3.0.3

Discord Avatar of POLARITY

something like a rhodes - polarity-dnb.de

small phase-4 presets that sounds like a rhodes. velocity & modwheel modulated.

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