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The Grid, a modular sound design environment sporting 154 modules and lightning-fast workflows is the newest addition to Bitwig Studio. Gridniks are Grid Patches/Presets playing by themselves. See what the Grid can do and what others can do with it. Check the collab playlist on youtube or search for grid videos on youtube.

Generative-2020-02-03 - Simple Stuff - Bitwig Studio #Gridnik #Ambient
Generative-2020-01-28- Deep Growl - Bitwig Studio #Gridnik #Ambient
Generative-2020-01-03 - Into Space - Bitwig Studio #Gridnik #Ambient #StarCitizen
Generative-2019-12-11 - Space Bleeps - Bitwig Studio #Gridnik
Generative-28-11-2019 - Rhythm & Phase - Bitwig Studio #Gridnik
Generative-06-11-2019 - Warpkern - Bitwig Studio #Gridnik #Ambient
Generative-20-10-2019 - Techstep Drum and Bass - Bitwig Studio #Gridnik
人生を肯定する (Bitwig 3)
Generative-25-09-2019 - Switched Chords - Bitwig Studio #Gridnik
Generative-24-09-2019 - September Rain - Bitwig Studio #Gridnik
Beat 20 (Digitakt + Bitwig 3 Poly Grid)
Beat 19 (Digitakt + Bitwig 3 Poly Grid)
Beat 18 (Digitakt + Bitwig 3 Poly Grid)
Generative-16-09-2019 - Water Particles - Bitwig Studio #Gridnik
Generative-03-09-2019 - Ambient Bleeps - Bitwig Studio #Gridnik