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Polysynth Choir

by Varion for Polysynth

Category: Choir

Bitwig Version: 4.4.10

dummy patch

Reminds a bit of the Chorus patch on the Korg M1.

A choir preset made with the Polysynth and a couple of stock fx. Reminds of the classic chorus patch on the Korg M1.

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Pro 53 Hard Sync

by falconspice for Polysynth


Bitwig Version: 4.2.5

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dummy patch

I made the hard sync preset from the pro-53 vst without being award of it. I though it was funny enough to share 😄 it's actually quite easy and straightforward to make

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by ensonic for Polysynth

Category: Pad

Bitwig Version: 3.2.8

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dummy patch

Pad sound with some detune in the release.

Pad sound with a detuned reverb trail.

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Oldskool Flange Reese

by gobs for Polysynth

Category: Bass

Bitwig Version: 3.2.6

Sounds a bit like the classic phaser / flanger reese you hear in old drum & bass tracks. Resampling might give better results.

Oldskool drum & bass flanger reese based off of Seamlessr's tutorial

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Poly Heaven

by POLARITY for Polysynth

Category: Lead

Bitwig Version: 3.2.3

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dreamy 80ies lead

Small little 80ies pad / lead sound for your next outrun project or dreamy vaporwave tune.

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by em for Polysynth

Category: Synth

Bitwig Version: 3.2.1

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Very digital but also emotional. There's a lot of variety in the perform section, too. Have fun!

I love these sorts of sounds. thought I'd share a preset for once

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