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OB 6 Chain

by 3unned for Chain

Category: Utility

Bitwig Version: 4.2 Beta 3

dummy patch

I don't know if it can be helpful for someone but I am creating some chain presets to control my external hardware synths so I can add modulators faster and easier. This preset is created on Bitwig 4.2 beta 3, so probably it won't work with previous versions. I thought it was a nice idea to share the link for download. The first I did is for Sequential OB6, and you can find it here: https://mega.nz/file/6xJjHCyZ#G9HWJn79n1uBRVnD8OnFZlwym1hwWHJ8V865BFTTnyw The chain includes five pages with the CC parameters mapped on knobs and buttons, subdivided in "VCA Envelope", "Filter", "Filter Extras", "Oscillators" and "Oscillator Extras". It includes also the "HW Instrument" device, so you can place it on a midi track and hear the audio without needing to add it after. Check the midi channel (in my case it's "2" so probably you want to change it according to your setup opening the HW Instrument device inside the chain). I hope it can be useful for someone, since I plan to do more of them. Have a nice day!

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