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DX 7 E Piano 1 V 2

by jaxter184 for Phase-4

Category: Piano

Bitwig Version: 2.4.3

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Emulation of Yamaha's DX7 EPiano1 factory preset.

speaking of rhodes, i made an epiano preset a while back that i dont think ive added to the preset repo

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9 Value Select

by Evergreen for Phase-4

Category: Utility

Bitwig Version: 2.4.3

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dummy patch

Two select 4 modulators with one input macro knob. Switches between 9 distinct modulation states (including disabled).

A combination of modulators that selects between 9 different modulation states via a single input knob (with no interpolation)

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by POLARITY for Phase-4

Category: Lead

Bitwig Version: 3.0.3

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something like a rhodes -

small phase-4 presets that sounds like a rhodes. velocity & modwheel modulated.

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