Rando Rambo CC 1

Change seed value to anything between 0-100% (including decimals) to generate a new set of CC values. Set size also affects seed results, it's like accessing different banks of presets ranging from size of 1 preset to 4590. Limiting the chance to certain value ranges can sometimes be quite effective. You can dynamically create new polysynth sounds and corresponding effects and get back to certain states as any seed value is it's own 'preset'.

CC randomizer tailored for Generic Knobs controller script, to randomize remote control values in currently selected device, there are few modes for triggering new random values as well as manual seed selection. 4.0 and up required, virtual midi driver as well to send CC's and then reuse in controller script. by x.iso

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for Poly Grid (The Grid) / Category: Utility / Bitwig Version: 4.0 Beta 5

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