Note Range Wrapper

Set Top and Bottom of any MIDI note range, and all RAW or DATA pitches will wrap into this range. Works only inside the Grid, on Oscillator modules. (Until we finally get a proper Pitch Grid device.)

A fully in-grid **Note Range Wrapper** build. You can specify any range of notes that is at least 12-semitones or larger (even spanning multiple octaves), and all Pitch Input (or data-driven pitches) will wrap into that range. Works with any arbitrary note range (at least 12 semitones wide), instead of the wrap being limited to whole octaves of C. NOTE: Works only *inside* the Grid for now. No way to get MIDI note data *out* of the Grid until Bitwig finally gives us some type of Note Grid device in the future. by Baphy (Baphometrix)

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for Poly Grid (The Grid) / Category: / Bitwig Version: 3.2.3

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