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BMX Drum Kit Switcher

by manuelj. for Instrument Selector

Category: Percussion

Bitwig Version: 5.0.11

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dummy patch

Using an instument selector and a macro (KitSelect) you can switch between 4 different DrumKits.

If you allways wanted to switch drum kits on the fly I found this method using a simple instrument selector and a macro. The most common kits are allready included, 707, 808,909 and KR55. Just add a midi clip and you are ready to go.

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3 Voice Strings

by denomaly for Instrument Selector

Category: Strings

Bitwig Version: 5.1 Beta 4

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dummy patch

Highly experimentally controlled physically modelled string instrument for weird compositions. You may be missing FX plugins but the sound will not break because of it

Mildly polyphonic and highly experimental physical modelling preset that employs a 'bow' knob for what could eventually become a very expressive way of playing a digital instrument. [Uses Faturator]

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Macre Deux

by Jasmine L. Craine for Instrument Selector

Category: Synth

Bitwig Version: 3.3.7

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dummy patch

4-Voice, 6-Layer Sample Mangler, based on the Make Noise Morphagene. Load samples into reels, play notes, twist knobs.

4-Voice, 6-Layer sample mangler based on the Make Noise Morphagene. Just load samples into the layers, press keys, and twist knobs.

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