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by Seemio for Stereo Split

Category: Filter

Bitwig Version: 4.3.2

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dummy patch

Stereo separated morphing filters.

EQ+ auto-morphing between HP, notch and LP. I reckon most of you already have your own presets for this but thought I'd share anyway just in case someone might have use for it. 2nd preset is a stereo-split version with the morphing filter on both channels at different rates.

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Fuzzplus 3 Stereo

by dyzv0r for Stereo Split

Category: FX

Bitwig Version: 4.1.6

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dummy patch

I noticed that Fuzzplus3 (by Audio Damage) makes things mono, so I created a stereo version.

I noticed that Fuzzplus3 by AudioDamage makes things mono, so I created a stereo version with macros. In case you don't know, all of their old plugins are free now including this one.

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Simple Hard Clip

by x.iso for Stereo Split

Category: Utility

Bitwig Version: 4.0 Beta 2

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dummy patch

as name suggest, it just hard-clips input at 0dB by default. also have lowpass filter

instead of Mid/Side clipper that I made before, this one ensures that output will be clipping at 0db by default.

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