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Beat Repeat

by POLARITY for FX Grid


Bitwig Version: 3.3.1

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dummy patch

Beat Repeat similar to Ableton Live

Beat repeat similar to Ableton live by "vadimred13" on reddit > **Interval** - How often Beat Repeat triggers. Range is 0.5 bar to 8 bars. > > **Offset** - Where to start the repeat in relation to the start of a bar...in increments of 8th notes. Range is 0 (on the bar) - to 7/8th of a bar. > > **Gate** - How long to repeat for (in 16th notes). Range is 1-16. > > **Grid** - Amount of audio to repeat (in note lengths). Range is ether 16th, 8th, or quarter note. > > **Grid Type** - Note type used with "Grid" Remote Control above. Either a triplet, straight, or dotted. Notice in the display readout, -1 means triplet, 0 means straight, and 1 means dotted. Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitwig/comments/kx2cor/beat_repeat_for_bitwig/

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Hard Clip

by POLARITY for Chain

Category: Destruction

Bitwig Version: 3.2.6

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This should clip at 0db. Use input to drive content into the clipper. Use output to change the volume. The rest of the remote controls are fancy distortion toys ;)

Native Bitwig hard clip preset. Clips at 0db, has some input and output gain remotes and some whitles and bells for distortion.

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Poly Heaven

by POLARITY for Polysynth

Category: Lead

Bitwig Version: 3.2.3

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dreamy 80ies lead

Small little 80ies pad / lead sound for your next outrun project or dreamy vaporwave tune.

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by POLARITY for Poly Grid

Category: Lead

Bitwig Version: 3.2.2

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super simple 3 osc synth. bassline heaven!

Super simple 3 osc synth. Inspired by a moog. Bassline heaven!

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by POLARITY for Phase-4

Category: Lead

Bitwig Version: 3.0.3

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something like a rhodes - polarity-dnb.de

small phase-4 presets that sounds like a rhodes. velocity & modwheel modulated.

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